The duo’s recent release “Their Brains”, single that has the signature with the magic vibes of Villain Mode

by Isabela Junqueira

Brazil and grooves, a long-term combination that, through time, only seems to gain strength — and of course, new and good reverberator. Therefore, Villain Mode establishes themselves and acquires artistic stability by occasionally mixing Disco and Chicago House with the energetic Tech House — and they definitely succeed in formulating a signature that seems to understand the demands of the dancefloor.

Born and raised in the large urban center that is São Paulo, four years ago Kauê Araújo and Lenon Silva merged as Villain Mode to bring out into the world the sounds that vibrate from their own musical experiences. Thus, in a short period, they conceived a consistent musical catalog that includes softer tracks like “What Is The Matrix”, even denser ones, like “Shake to Villain” or the more recent “Their Brains”.

Anyways, if you’re open to authentic and daring sounds, you’ll certainly find a track in the Villain Mode’s music catalog that contemplates you. Just let loose!


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