Gabriel Ananda is on Suara. Yes, you heard it well. The “Kaiser” Ananda, is on Suara. One of the stars from the electronic music scene has chosen our kitty label to release a pair of pearls that definitely will give you goosebumps. “Let It In And Let It Out” is in tune, a pure polished melody that can melt, very delicately, even the strongest heart – not for whiners. “The Hunt” is a little bit darker, a bit more focused on the dance floor, very minimalistic but full of sounds, from the lower keys to the higher ones. This is “Let It In and Let It Out EP,” a colorful mix of beautiful sounds. This is Gabriel Ananda one of the best German producers of our times. This is Suara, a label where all genres fit in.




Artist:  Gabriel Ananda
Title: Let It In And Let It Out EP
Label:  Suara
Catalog No.:  SUARA097