The band that is taking the house scene by assault, with fat bass lines and strong indie influenced melodies. Guilherme Santoro, Rafael Cury,Thiago Guimarães and Manu D’Alcant ara are t he names behind the brazilian band Funky Fat. Their sound has a strong crossover appeal full of deep energy and funky grooves. Live, you can feel the analog-sounding atmosphere along with a seductive bold female vocal that involves you through the songs.

For their latest release they join the powerful Nurvous Records with a groovy two track EP.  The title track is seductively addicting with a catchy bass line and crisp percussion.  While ‘Second Chance’ in a similar fashion is another great track with a nice throwback pop feel.  This is a classic example of Indie Dance music, and great tunes threw and threw.  Stay tuned for their next release coming out soon on Hot Creation.


Artist:  Funky Fat
Title:  Speed Fire EP
Label:  Nurvous Records
Catalog No.:  NUR22891

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