Cesar Coronado, one of the true underdogs in the deep house scene, is constantly showing us why he deserves your attention. Not only does he excel as a DJ, but he truly shines in the realm of production. Cesar approached us a few days ago with this gift and asked us if we would share these unreleased remixes with you. Of course, we said fuck yes, so here they are.



A Little About Cesar:

 Cesar has been putting out tracks for the last three years on Beatport with releases on labels like Neim, Akbal, Alma Soul Music and more. We’ve been following him for at least two years now and have watched him grow tremendously. He’s provided us with free downloads in the past and we’ve been hoping he would send us more – which lucky for us and you, he now has.

Now, many blogs can say all they want about artists and praise them for the work they’ve done or the great sets they’ve heard from DJ recordings on Soundcloud, but we’ve actually had the pleasure of booking Cesar Coronado ourselves and seen him DJ many times in Mexico. He delivers. It’s that simple. Musically, as a friend and producer, Cesar is always working hard to please. Keep an eye on him, he’ll be in a city near you soon enough. Much Love Cesar!