We absolutely love songstress, DJ, and producer Francesca Lombardo at Music is 4 Lovers, and her new single “What To Do” marks Mr. Lazarus’s impressive 115th release on Crosstown Rebels, showcasing her alluring voice and distinctive sound remixed by an amazing roster of artists.


Rebel family favorites Infinity Ink’s understand “What To Do” as a dancefloor killer, relentlessly deepening the track, mystifying Lombardo’s voice to bring a sensuality and sinister edge to the package.  Luca Cazal’s Dub is a true transformation, with a galactic scope and emphasis on energetic highs that carry Lombardo’s twisted and specifically fixed vocals with fluidity and ease.


Take a dip in these deep musical waters, it’s quite refreshing.


Artist: Francesca Lombardo, Infinity Ink, Matrixxman, Luca Cazal
Title: What To Do
Label: Crosstown Rebels
Release Date: September 23rd, 2013
Catalogue #: CRM115