[Release]  The reflective and psychedelic dream world of Footprintz debut LP Escape Yourself is fully unleashed on the Visionquest imprint this March and next single Uncertain Change is one of the twelve glowing examples of the duos esteemed sonic and lyrical wonder. Reworked here by two of dance musics finest auteurs, Audion aka Matthew Dear and Maceo Plex ride in full effect. With a distinct coming of age theme, Uncertain Change is a perfect slice of dreamy synth-pop. Anchored by a powerful bassline, uplifting melodies inflected with new wave nostalgia blend into softly spoken vocals heavy with melancholy as the underlying sense of what it feels like to be young and unsure is ever present. Warped electric guitar strums add to a creeping darkness, but this is kept at bay by an overriding warmth and depth of soul that filters through. Uncertain Change will transport the listener to an age of innocence. The Maceo Plex Reconception is endowed with the producers signature swing. Tailored for the disco, skipping pendulum beats and a heavier bass beat underpin the in tact phrasing of the original song leading up to a breakdown and powerful bassline drop. In The Audion Loves You Mix Mathew Dear in his Audion guise deconstructs the song and pieces it back together with an entirely transformative minimal tapestry of sounds. An epic reimagining of sparse electronic bleeps and warped vocals build into a majestic framework of fizzing tension and textured soundscapes. Ultimately remnants of the original melody fuse with Audions epic groove as the track surges towards an optimistic end.


Artist:  Footprintz
Title:  Uncertain Change
Label:  Visionquest
Catalog No.:  VQ027

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