Recovery Collective welcome Fabrication for a debut album that is long overdue but well worth the wait. He is an artist who always roams through a wide sphere of sound and does just that here.


Accompanying text says, “The all round emerging theme that emerges within the albums progression was a specific relation to the unpredictable, emotional nature of life. A unifying association of experiences and emotions” and it sure is an emotional ride.


After a soothing opener The Light, tracks like The Colors on the Wall and How To Paint explore wide open house grooves that are filled with majestic synths and keys. Chasing Infinity lays down supple and rubbery grooves that melt the mind.


Gravity is a heavier track with more dark and driving drums and Children layers up arps and pixelated keys with some white noise whooshes that bring the drama. Children brings more melancholic moods that take you in on yourself and the likes of The Blood are places to really get lost in and gaze at the musical architecture around you.


This is a fine album that offers plenty of lush house vibes and dreamy melodies that really touch on a wide range of emotions in style.


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