Just as we were poking our little hungry heads out of our nest in search of musical satisfaction, our winged friend Eagles & Butterflies flew overhead and dropped three amazing new tracks into our eager hands, all of which have been plucked from his upcoming full length release coming to us in October from Get Physical.

Marking his second chill-inducing collaboration with J.U.D.G.E. since their memorable ‘Love ’ was released earlier this year, ‘We Get High ’ is a more mature and stripped down beauty, putting J.U.D.G.E.’s incredible vocal ability on display. Once the tears have been wiped away, ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ drags us right back into the party with a simple yet effective bassline that is assaulted from every angle with an assortment of tribal percussion. ‘Same Place Same Time’ closes things out with a bouncing deep techno builder, layering provocative female vocals over stabbing organ hits that leave us flapping our wings in delight.


Artist:  Eagles & ButterfliesJ.U.D.G.E
Title:  2015-09-28
Label:  Get Physical Music
Catalog No.:  GPM322

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