This year has been quite special for us here at Mi4L. We’ve made a lot of new friends, started throwing parties of our own and have traveled around the world. In the true spirit of Music is 4 Lovers, we’ve decided to do a New Year’s morning party called “Sunrise is 4 Lovers” featuring some of the Dirt Crew boys in our birth city of San Diego, California. Urulu and Steve Huerta have asked to share their top 5 tracks from 2013 in anticipation for the New Year’s morning event, showcasing what they feel are the most influential and special tracks for them this past year. Let’s have a listen, shall we?

Location: Analog Bar
801 5th Ave, San Diego CA 92101
Time: 5am-11am 
Date: 01.01.14 (New Year’s Morning)
Cover: $10 at Door GA


1. Felix Lenferink – Third Bouree (Gerry Read Remix)

Pretty much the most ridiculous track I’ve got in my bag. Not only does Gerry Read confuse the shit out of you with this one, but also forces ya’ to nod uncontrollably. I like gauging a crowd with this one because it’s definitely not a track for simple minded.

2. Fold – Slime

Dark, spacey techno tip with this record. Came out earlier in the year on George Fitzgerald’s ManMake Music. Can’t really complain with this it’s chunky percussive bits and whirling pads. Easy to mix too, literally almost fits with anything.

3. Quell – Rossiya

Imagine this one blaring from the back of a massive airplane hanger. Lots of hi hats and sub stabs easily do the trick. This one originated off of Quell’s debut album on Ibadan Records. I highly suggest you give it some much needed attention.

4. Les Sins – Grind

Been ending my sets with this for the past year or so. It’s Toro Y Moi’s funkier, more 4-4 oriented alter ego, so you already know what to expect. Great track and an even better record to own…. que the slow shuffle off the dance floor as the lights pop on.

5. Bruh Jackman ft. Joel Culpepper – California

It’s hard even pick a favorite releases from UK based Futureboogie, so try narrowing it down to a single track. I absolutely love this label. It’s consistent and the branding is ridiculously solid (not to mention they host incredible parties). Anyways… this one is by way of UK based producers Hackman and Jabru, both of which are credible on their own. Guess you can also chuck it in the, “just going to sneak this in at the end before the club owner tells me to shut it off” category. Also dig it because it pretty much embodies the mood of one of my favorite places on earth…. yea you guessed it, California.


Steve Huerta

Its hard enough to pick 5 favorite tracks for the year, and nearly impossibly to put them in a ranked order, but I think that this selection does well to sum up what I considered to be GREAT in 2013.

1. Max Graef & Muff Deep – Am Fenster (Ultimate Rave Mix)

Max Graef really just blew my mind this year. I’ve loved every single track he’s put out, especially this one with Muff Deep. The swinging percussion and super textured melodies are undeniably classic and fresh at the same time. Definitely my pick for break through producer this year.

2. Kink vs. Marc Romboy – Over and Out

“Over and Out” just works everywhere. The groove drives forward relentlessly with Kink’s signature shakers, and the music is insanely soulful and emotive. Has been a go to for me since its release super early in the year.

3. The Organ Grinder – Steam Roller feat. Chesus (Original Mix)

Well equipped with gritty hats and a beast of a bassline, “Steam Roller” is a grade-A, peak-time banger. You can tell The Organ Grinder knows his way around his hardware. This tune is super raw and ultimately very effective for club use.

4. Daniel Avery – Drone Logic

From a production standpoint, this stuff is just unbelievably cool. This tune puts people in touch with their robot-selves. At a mere 114 bpm it was initially hard for me to place it in a set. But jack up the tempo a bit and watch people lose their minds to this curveball.

5. Axel Bowman – Hello

“Hello” rounds out my selection of faves this year. Structured upon one of best vocal samples I’ve heard in a long time, this tune makes you feel happy and sad at the same time. Its the kind of track gets everyone together at the end of a long night of partying. Goosebumps every time!