After a Soaring 2013 No.19 is starting off the year with a family favorite. Deniz Kurtel provides us with sultry EP labeled Deepression. With the A side being featured on Art Departments BPM compilation this 2 track stormer is set to start things off right. Heavy snares, tight percs and a persistent Arp carrying the record, Deepression shows itself off as the lead track. A dance floor anthem in true form that is Deniz Kurtel. Haunting vocal stabs accompany the rest of the elements taking you on a constant fluid Journey. On the Flip side, Deniz Teams up with Label Heads Art Department to create a power house titled, Forgot Your Name. This masterpiece takes us to the deep end with a beautiful vocal, which crosses the bridges between Deniz and Art Departments signature styles, taking things to the next level in true form. We are super Happy to have our leading lady back with this Killer Ep on No.19.


Artist:  Deniz Kurtel
Title:  Deepresseion
Label:  No.19 Music
Catalog No.:  NO19045