Deneha is back! The well known artist from the Awakenings EP and the 7 years Hive Club compilation strikes again on Hive Audio with his Rollercoaster EP. After his tracks alongside with Cari Golden he presents some really fresh sounds directly out of his studio.


The EP is loaded with four originals and one remix. The EP kicks off with ‘Tonight’ a chill, smooth, deep track. It’s followed up with a remix from Carson, taking it for a trip down the rabbit hole. ‘Lez Get On’ keeps that same effortless smooth style but adds some flavor with congo drums and dirty rough synths. The fourth track ‘On Fire’ carries over that tribal drum sound but adds some edge with bold female vocals clips. The EP closes out with the title track ‘Rollercoaster’, an elongated break in the beginning lures you in and builds you up slowly throughout the remainder of the track making it a great teaser for a set. So this is Switzerland, Zurich quality, as usual on Hive Audio.




Artist: Deneha
Title: Rollercoaster
Label: Hive Audio
Release Date: June 3



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-Minxxx aka Michelle Samtoy