[Release] WOW. I’m in LOVE. Deep Future aka Brian Durkin, although new to me, has been bubbling away on the underground over the past few years, with releases for Global Underground, David Keno’s Keno Records and Gruuv where the Irish producer returns to.

The release opens with ‘Let Me Go’, a groove led, drum heavy workout that embraces the contemporary sound of deep house. A hooky synth line, looped vocal clips, hi-strings and shuffling snares build the composition in true modern house fashion. Simplicity is key here with the Irish producer capitalizing on his ability to blend a small selection of key elements with style and precision. ‘You Need It’ follows, a deep, driving slice of house music with bright atmospheric synth lines and punchy, shuffling drums leading the way. A short, sharp bass hook is brought in to the centre stages with a blend of vocal chops and tremulating synth chords rounding off the cut as a tasteful deep house number.

Next up is the Dirty Channels ‘Gruuvy Rework’ of ‘Let Me Go’, the Italian duo, most notably known for their works on Hot Waves, Culprit and Ovum, deliver a gritty reinterpretation, bringing a sharp saw wave bass hook to the foreground and layering the synthesized elements as a background depth, adding texture to the groove. The structure takes on the basic exercise of introducing new elements every thirty-two bars, building to a centric peak and riding out the raw rhythm to the end with intermittent breakdowns.

To close the release Dutch duo ‘Detroit Swindle’ turn in their ‘Never Enough Interpretation’, dubbing out the original feel with a more ethereal state. The drums are more reserved and stripped-back leaving the atmospheric and melodic elements to breathe and take control. An infectious arp line steadily builds the track from the off for several minutes before reaching the climatic peak where raw house chords, shuffling hats and a tweaky acid line veer the track into peak time dance floor material.

This is yet another outstanding deep house release from Gruuv with incredible remixes from two hotly tipped duo’s, further proving Audiojack’s A&R skills are second to none right now. Officially added to my latest obsessions list, we will definitely be on the watch for Deep Future and what he’s going to bless us with next. Quality release and amazing work from all artists involved.


Artist: Deep Future
Title: Fixations
Label: Gruuv
Release Date: December 10th