Musical aficionado Nicolas Jaar is taking on new endeavors both artistically and executively, collaborating with guitarist & composer Dave Harrington to form the creative Darkside duo and leaving Clown & Sunset behind to pursue his new Other People imprint. After remixing Daft Punk’s highly anticipated Random Access Memories, Darkside  releases their debut full length Psychic masterpiece with ethereal creativity, wild abandon and a whole lot of soul.

Psychic unfolds like an atmospheric dream, spinning you through madness, ritualistic melodies and haunting yet comforting ambiances.  “Heart” and “Paper Trails” are absolutely stunning back to back tracks, both encompassing an entrancing purity and raw nature that spark the soul.  The depth and erraticism in “Freak Go Home” inspires the imagination while concluding “Metatron” trails of perfectly with a resonance that will leave you with a full warm heart.

You can order this gem in various formats through the Matador website, or purchase on  iTunes.

Take a breath, take a listen and embrace this beautiful autumnal release.