Dance Spirit is a music project based on exploring the elements of all types of house music, having fun, and gettin funky from the duo hailing from sunny California. When listening to their music, one can feel that California is one of their main influences when producing under this Alias. Their music is light, melodic, and has a certain edge that can only come from living close to L.A. Wishing to remain anonymous, the focus of Dance Spirit rests solely on THE MUSIC. One visit to their website only further proves how focused on the art they are instead of on the hype.


‘Dont Walk Away’ is rough and immediately catches your attention. Thanks to an off kilter synth and an eerie hypnotizing vocal the track instantly transports you our of your element and into the music. The dOP remix of ‘Dont Walk Away’ runs along the same theme but adding an all together different mood, creating space, and letting the vocal float in and out of the track. Dreamier overtones add that airy entrancing vibe.  ‘Your Not There’ takes is more dark and edgy. It relays on an infectious groove and sparse vocoders to grab your ears within seconds. Thick bodied with a sexy robotic charm. Superfresh sound to say the least. ‘Hooked on You’ completes the package with style, showing a hidden talent these boys have to carve deep numbers with different shades. A new outfit they might be, but certainly, Dance Spirit are here to stay.


Really impressive work on this release. A duo dedicated to the craft. Definitely keeping a close watch on Dance Spirit for future releases.




Artist: Dance Spirit / dOP

Title: Manifest
Label: Supernature
Release Date: March 18
Catalog: SPN029



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