[Release] There’s a new label in the game and if this first release is any testament to the sound that will be pouring out of it, it is needless to say we are more than in excited for it’s future. Faceless is the lovechild born out of a friendship between Mexican-based duo Climbers and London-based Silky and Barber. With a name like Faceless, it’s evident the power for this label is placed where it should be, on the music. 


The first release for the label’s launch comes from the infamous duo Climbers themselves featuring heavenly vocals from Yasmine Azaiez. ‘Left Your Love’ is a seriously dreamy and entrancing track. The song takes the form of an emotional storytelling record about missing loved ones and homesickness while on the road. The melodic elements of the cut beautifully drift and meander around simplistic yet effective drum programming resulting in a sun drenched, modern workout. A nu deep dream, the sound, lyrics, and vibe are the perfect tune for setting the mood for smooth and sexy.


The EP is loaded with 3 remixes from fellow label heads Silky & Barber and a Director’s cut from the notorious legends Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kupper. The first up from Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kupper pays homage to legendary house roots. Music with all the ingredients for a classic record including bright synth stabs, crunchy drums, rolling percussion, and an elegantly crafted structure that manipulates the original vocals. Simply timeless. The last two remixes from fellow label heads Silky & Barber take the track for a spin on the heavier side, a nice juxtaposition to the original light and airy vibe and more traditional house sound of the first remix. My personal favorite off the release, in true Silky sound he takes it for a badass spin with dark, eerie, heavy and seriously sexy twisted vibes. Closing the release is OFF Recordings artist Barber who reshapes the original into a twisted electronic track with vocoded vocal effects, moody synths, and smoky melodies.


***STAY TUNED – Tomorrow we will be announcing our contest to: Win 2 tickets to the Faceless Recordings Launch Party in London 



Artist: Cimbers feat Yasmine Azaiez / Silky, Barber, Frankie Knuckles, Eric Kupper
Title: Left Your Love
Label: Faceless Recordings
Catalog: FR001
Release Date: April 29



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