Hypercolour takes a note out of Chicago’s book in this comprehensive extended release that bounces with determination and zest throughout the five variant tracks. “Specializing in up-tempo, forward-thinking booty music,” Chrissy Murderbot laid his roots in the juke and footwork imprints Loose Squares and sister Sleazetone Records, slowin‘ it down for his Fallout EP while keeping his focused, energetic spirit in tact.

“Tare” strikes me- it’s melodic yet still edgy and has a revolving percussive pattern whose sound could fit into a variety of settings and motivate an entrancing mood.  “Call Me You” is another standout, taking a soft, flutey approach for a suspenseful ride that creeps onto the peculiar yet appealing “Judy Judy Judy.”

Chris E Pants is expanding his musical scope and bridging the gap between deviating tempos, always striving for that forward-thinking sound Hypercolour continues to purvey.

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Artist: Chris E Pants
Title: Fallout EP
Label: Hypercolour
Release Date:  December 2nd, 2013
Catalogue #: HYPEDIGI036