The badass babes of Blond:ish have long been a favorite of mine for their consistently amazing melodic deep dreamy dark tech tracks and this latest release is no exception. The kind of music that penetrates to your soul and takes you out of your mind and on a deep playa journey. “Inspired by Mexican mountain antics and unexpected journeys on the magic playa in a state called Nevada”, the energy of the adventure is felt through the emotive EP.


‘Inward Visions’, the duo’s second release for Kompakt, kicks off with ‘No Place Like Gnome’. A heavy heater that lures you like the white rabbit down the hole, like the blondes into the playa. The track is a sultry dreamy desert seduction that builds and builds vibrating within you until about 4:48 when they slow you down and tease you out. With intricately layered sounds to take you further, they come back at 5:50 and unleash you from the trance. A drug in itself inducing the most entrancing of trips, this track could easily be my next addiction. The B Side introduces the title track, ‘Inward Visions’. A perfect follow up to the A Side, ‘Inward Visions’ is like the continuation of the Blond:ish induced trip. While ‘No Place Like Gnome’ lures you in and takes you deep and heavy, ‘Inward Visions’ is like the haze coming out of the hole. Bringing you out slowly and reintroducing you to the light, the vocal hexation of Beyou is the perfect compliment to the transcendent lure.


Overall, another superb release from these badass blondes on the always impressive Kompakt label. They never fail to impress and especially for appealing to my insatiable desire for all things deep, dark, dreamy, and tech. Definitely looking forward to the lure of these tracks on the playa.



Artist: Blond:ish
Title: Inward Visions
Label: Kompact
Release Date: July 22
Catalog: KOMPAKT268



– Minxxx // Michelle Samtoy