Two of the hottest duos to seriously shine in 2012, that are destined to dominate in 2013, have joined forces to deliver a massive EP out on the always impressive Get Physical Music. The fifth release for the babes of Blond:ish and the second for the boys of Climbers out on Get Physical, this one is a standout for sure. Bringing the best of sexy deep vibes and hot grooves on one EP. A collaboration that started with three unlikely ingredients: beer, tacos and hummus. Blond:ish explains: “They invited us to come for a few days to Mexicali and make music! They were pretty shy at first, but really sweet and welcoming. We stuffed our faces with tacos and drank tons of beers with plastic chairs and a big dog with a fence on your lawn type vibes… This went on for about 4 days since it’s the Mexicali thing to do…” Well, looks like beer, tacos, and hummus are the combination to inspire some magic because this release is HOT!


The ‘Original Mix’ opens with a mind twisting synth and basic percussion, a vocal line drops out of nowhere and the bass hits. The heavy bass line stomps onto the floor and the kicks punch their way through your chest. A killer synth line rises out of the darkness and drags a nasty groove with it. A large track for serious dance floor action. Any attempt to top the energy and power of the original mix would be insane, Philip Bader & Nicone are wise not to try. Instead, they take things down, opting for an organic feel and a slow but steady rising heat. A classic example of deep house, the track is brilliantly composed, with all the elements – the deep guitar, the thick bass, the gravitational percussion – all come together seamlessly here to create another late night sensation.



Artist: Blond:ish, Climbers / Phiip Bader, Nicone
Title: Town Joker
Label: Get Physical
Release Date: March 11
Catalog: GPM221



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