On Thursday, July 18th, Faux Entertainment, GottaDanceDirty, rollingTUFF and yours truly, Music is 4 Lovers will be hosting a special night called Bass Haus with Wolf + Lamb at a Downtown, Los Angeles warehouse space called the Thing Tank Gallery. The space is an ever changing art project displaying new pieces monthly and is unique unto itself in the LA dance music scene as a space that bridges the gaps between the art gallery, the nightclub and the warehouse. Usually, warehouse spaces are forced to give up the amenities that make art galleries or nightclubs so attractive, but the Think Tank Gallery is different. It’s accompanied by live visual projection art, constantly rotating art pieces, 2 bars, an outdoor smoking patio, wood floors, white walls,15 foot ceilings and let’s not forget, it’s also much more conveniently located than say other spaces you might find between a crack-house and railroad tracks. It’s really that utopian space we’ve all been looking for. Did we mention that Wolf + Lamb will be providing the soundtrack to the opening of Bass Haus? And that they’re playing a special extended  4 hour set? Also on the lineup will be GottaDanceDirty residents Bones & Troy Kurtz along with Music is 4 Lovers’ Jon Dadon.


Location: 939 Maple Ave Suite 200, LA
Date: July 18
Tickets: Starting at $15
Hours: 9pm-3am