Safe to say it’s been a less than ideal year and a half. When I think back about what and who has gotten me through it, it’s creatives like Brooklyn-based house producer / multi-instrumentalist bad tuner. Creators that continue to release new music and keep us excited about tomorrow through bouncing beats and funky bass lines.

self-care is therefore an aptly names project for bad tuner’s debut EP. Released today on LG105, the new electronic division of Virgin Records UK, self-care is an EP that can help anyone and everyone put their dancing shoes on and forget their troubles for a little while.

We’ve already met three of the four tracks before. ‘Coming Down’, ‘Back To Me’ and ‘Relationship Is’ are all a testament to bad tuner’s diversity as a producer and ability to masterfully manipulate sounds and genres into his own. ‘De Tecidos’, the focus track of the EP was gifted to us alongside an edgy music video that is going to influence a lot of my next dance moves. A touch of acid 303 gives the track a classic house edge, and once again makes it stand out against the rest of bad tuner’s heaters as something wildly original.

This is exactly the kind of thing we need as summer starts drawing to a close, and I’m waiting patiently (kind of) for a longer project to come our way.