Atapy returns on his own imprint forming a new way of balancing rhythms and moods. Packaging original plus collaboration with Sivesgaard, who we all noticed from his ravaging imprints on Eklektisch. Add a remix from Luis Leon and we have a booming rocket to unleash. “One more favor” is a gentle build up cut embracing some female vocal pinches and old fashioned stabs. Passing  through “Beating Strong” with Sivesgaard this one takes the lead of the EP fusing the vocals in an absolute cresento for the floor along with the kicky bass-line. “Slow Coloring mix” is the laid back cheery from this fine EP, has a steady rising slow mo build up using the vocals smoothly  below the surface for chilling times. Wrapping things up with Luis remix on a more futuristic pop effort, bass line is getting heavier and 4/4 floorish using cleverly the vocal texture to warp things up with a most intriguing way. Surely a full package with style, well producing skills and some fresh beats from Atapy’s demented mind. Classy!


Artist:  Atapy
Title:  Beating Strong
Label:  Cimelde
Catalog No.: CME042


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