Got some New York love coming our way this week with the born and bred imprint Natural History’s fifth installment of its “Exhibit” series appropriately labeled “E.”  Frenchman Anthony Collins stands as a constant throughout a chain of stunning production work, starting the label last May and acting as half of Frank & Tony with Francis Harris, co-owning the New York based Scissor & Thread  which has easily become one of our favorites.

2 tracks inspire “Exhibit ‘E’” both fervent and addictive in sound and structure, capturing dark moods for all the best settings.  Don’t get it twisted, “Feel Confusion” will more likely than not simplify your thoughts with its candid highs and effortless depth subtly lifted by hushed vocals.  “Little Dip” starts out with a building spacey tone only to reach down into raw depths and pause before the slow, atmospheric ambiance comes full circle for a polished finish.

Suffice to say, we’re hooked!  So, enlighten yourself at this comprehensive exhibit and purchase now at whatpeopleplay or beatport