Spain’s genre-bending duo Animal Picnic have just released their EP Personal Affair on Rob Made’s Sleazy Deep label out of London, and it’s sure to make you sweat. Bringing the heat from the potent first notes to the final beat, these tracks are destined to drive the dance floor wild. With four impressive productions and two triumphant remixes, the release is clearly crafted to make you move from start to finish. Fantastically fusing deep house with disco and electro elements, the EP is a DJ-friendly, crowd-pleasing dream.

Album opener ‘I Want to Get You Alone’ sets the tone for the party-primed EP with a pulsing bassline and punishing melody. Next up, ‘Synthetic Poem’ is ablaze with deep house heat and fiery funk behind sultry female vocals. Finally, ‘Lazy Tears’ rounds out the originals with a hearty hook that carries the tune. Electro-laden remixes of ‘I Want to Get You Alone’ and ‘Synthetic Tears’ from G.L.O.C.K and Fabry Pandolfo, respectively, make up the B side of the explosive EP.

With Personal Affair, Animal Picnic bring unabashed bass and dance-ready grooves, Sleazy Deep style.