burning man, burning man temple

While we’re always so excited for everyone that is going home to the sacred Playa, sometimes you can’t help but feel these 5 things as everyone embarks to the real happiest place on earth while you’re still at the office.

1. Irrationality

You start planning the “easiest” ways to run away from work and make it to the Burn.


2. Entrapment

When you realize this is probably a bad idea, you give up, and try to replace the Burn with any variety of social activities nearby – this still feels totally insufficient.


3. Sub-par happiness

When people ask you if you’re ok, you just flash a painful smile and let out a nervous laugh.


4. Panic

But, you quickly break down into an indiscernible verbal explanation of what’s up.


5. Loneliness

The week wears on. No one is there to like your Facebook posts or to party with or to hug.



Then, everyone returns with amazing stories and mind-blowing photos and artists release the magical, beautiful sets they played around the Playa and you realize you’ve been foolish.


It’s all about sending good vibes and LOVE.


We hope all our friends have made it to the Playa safely, have the most amazing time, dance, dance, dance and spread the love – we miss you incredibly already!